LOT USA/BRIDE company info

LOT U.S.A. Performance Racing Products was established in 1994 by Bun Fukuyoshi as a small importer and exporter of aftermarket products to and from Japan. The company philosophy is to import the highest quality products available in Japan to distribute globally and further the advancements of motor sports.

LOT U.S.A. is not well known in the United States. The only companies who truly know the potential of this company are machine shops and engine builders of race teams based in Japan. LOT U.S.A. has been designing custom internal parts using the strictes tolerances to ensure that the specifications that the cutsomer needs are surpassed. Tha fact that our past customers’ identities aremain in confidential is what drawas race teams to quietly contact LOT U.S.A. on a periodic basis to see if shceduling manufacture of parts for them is possible. Since 1994, Mr. Fukuyoshi has been very active in supplying speciality machinery to various manufacturers in Japan. Buil on trust, LOT U.S.A. has been a top choice in producing high quality performance racing products for Circuit Drga, Drift, GT, and Rally teams world wide.

LOT U.S.A. established itself the exclusive importer of premier lines such as Air Walker body kits and Splash Sports Equiments in 2002. In early 2004, LOT U.S.A. became the exclusive importer of the HKS KAnsai Service and the Direct Power System products. In December 2004, the company flourished further by acquiring the rights as the official master distributor of BRIDE racing seats as Tee’s USA.

“LOT U.S.A. will continuously distribute high quality products to fulfill the customer’s demand worldwide. And will actively contribute to the progression of motor sports scene” states out president Bun Fukuyoshi.


L.O.T. U.S.A. Performance Racing Products

2443 West 208th Street Unit E3

Torrance, CA 90501


tel: 310.533.8856

fax: 310.533.8088




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