New T-shirts,

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Imitation wheel

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Tommy Kaira,

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It is now official that we, LOT USA/BRIDE, will be the official US importer for the Tommy Kaira products.

We are currently organizing price structure and press releases etc.

We will keep you updated.



Business Partner Ship,

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To Our Valued Customers,

As of October 1st 2010, we LOT USA will be contracting business partnership with Japan’s prime firm, WEDS North America.

This is, for us to provide full support for WEDS NA to expand their market in the US and outer regions. With the partnership, we will continue providing quality service to fulfill the demands of our customers and end users with improvement. Our agreement is to vitalize the current industry.  And to progress both of us.

Effective of October 1st, 2010, please write the check payable to WEDS NA. All checks written to LOT USA or Tee’s USA will be denied.

Any questions or details, please feel free to contact me any time.

Thank you so much for your continuing support.

We appreciate the help and effort.

Have a great day.

Congratulation Monster Sport,

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congratulations to Monster Sport for their 5th consecutive win at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb Race!! 🙂


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new ZETA III model is available.

the material is suede (like the suede used on the Z34 door panels and other Infiniti interiors. The shell is composed of alamid fiber to gain strength.

This model is FIA approved.

Happy New Years 2010,

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hello all!! sorry we have been very lacking on blog updates!!

we will try to get more updates day by day so stay with us!! 🙂

Bride sitting on a BRIDE

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congrats to Mike!! 🙂

he had an engagement photoshoot with Photography with his time attack 350Z 🙂 and his bride is sitting on the BRIDE!! such an honor for us to have our product placed in this kind of photo. Congratulations Mike and Kelli!!

here are some of the pics he had it up on his myspace.

again, congrats Mike and Kelli!! 🙂

S30 Z

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Our customer in Japan with the S30 Fairlady Z installed the Willwood Caliper recently and have sent us pictures 🙂 so, wanted to share the fun with all.

Congress Rejects “Cash for Clunkers” Program

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In recent weeks, thousands of SEMA members and SEMA Action Network (SAN) enthusiasts responded to a call for action urging lawmakers to reject a Cash for Clunkers program as part of the economic stimulus being drafted in Congress.  Your efforts were successful.  Both the House and Senate versions of the bill are “clunker-free.”  Congratulations!

Two proposals were put forth and then withdrawn during the Congressional debate.  The first was a $8 billion program targeting SUVs and pickup trucks of any year that make less than 18 mpg such as Chevy Silverados, Dodge Rams, Ford F-Series and Jeep Wranglers.  The second would have provided $16 billion worth of cash vouchers to individuals making less than $50,000 a year ($75,000 for families) who allowed their turned-in cars to be destroyed.  A Cash for Clunker proposal may reemerge later this year.  SEMA will remain vigilant in educating legislators on the need to oppose programs that do not spur car sales, reduce emissions or raise fuel economy.

The Senate economic stimulus bill includes a SEMA-supported amendment allowing taxpayers to claim a tax deduction for car-loan interest payments and excise taxes when they buy a new car in 2009.  If enacted in the final stimulus bill, the provision should provide a healthy boost to auto sales. 

Members of Congress recognize that our industry played an important role in scrapping a federal Cash for Clunkers program.  SEMA thanks all member companies and SAN enthusiasts who donated their time and effort to contact legislators.  Your voice helps protect our industry and hobby.

source: SEMA